The Lodge can be reached from Val Pesarina via a 1.30h walk following CAI Trail 201. For an easier climb, we recommend the ring variant along the CAI Trails 201-202-203-201. Both routes are classified as Difficulty Level E by the CAI.
The DeGa is also connected to Sappada both by the historic Corbellini equipped trail dating back to the 1930s (CAI Difficulty Level EEA), and by the Elbel Pass, a hiking excursion that allows you to reach Sappada in four hours, and in three hours offers the possibility of walking one splendid circular route through the Mimoias hut.
The connection with Sappada also hosts a very particular route called the Highway of the Dolomites Number 6, otherwise known as Highway of Silence.
We also offer you a quieter, more touristy walk in search of our unique neighbor, the black grouse!