Creton di Culzei – Normal Route

A wide-ranging climb in the middle of a panorama that sweeps from the Tauern to the Ampezzo Dolomites to the Friulian plain.

The top of Creton di Culzei dominates the scenery of the De Gasperi lodge, standing out with its projecting walls and deep chimneys, featuring the routes have made the history of climbing in the Pesarine Dolomites. It goes without saying that every self-respecting mountain lover, upon seeing this spectacle, will be seized by the desire to climb to the top.

The climb is at the beginning similar to that of the Sappada Tower. However, it differs from the latter in that it is equipped at the top. Access to the Forca dell’Alpino, a choreographic carving between these peaks, takes advantage of the recently-added via ferrata Gasperina that extends over the left slabs of the forepart of the Clap Grande for the ascent.

From the Forcella dell’Alpino (2299 meters above sea level) the route goes up to the main peak with some equipped  sections before the final ridge slope that ends with the summit cross at 2456 meters. We are on part of the Ferrata dei 50 which has the maximum elevation of the route on the top of Creton di Culzei.