Authentic Friulan cuisine

Simone’s hospitality does not end with offering you a refreshing cold beer upon your arrival (the mirage of every Sunday walker in the final stages of the climb).

Simone, who grew up in a restaurant in Sutrio, is a full-blown chef!

While he may not surprise you with special effects at the table, he will give you the unique pleasure of tasting the robust, genuine and appetizing dishes of Friulian cuisine in all its simplicity: Cold cuts from Carnic pork butchers, Sauris cold cuts, cheeses and dairy products from the Bût valley, freshly baked bread, and sweets that are always fresh and produced in our kitchens.

The frico, onion soup, pasta with wild garlic, and goulash with polenta are particularly appreciated by our guests.

Good Morning with Milk and Coffee

Sleeping at high altitude is pure magic and when you open the window in the morning you will lose yourself in a panorama that is just waiting to be experienced.

A hearty breakfast is what it takes to start the day. Just follow the scent of the coffee to arrive in the dining room and you will find a rich choice of exquisite homemade cakes and biscuits, fresh bread and jam.

The perfect meal to start the day with the right energy!

Flavors of Carnia

Irresistible Temptations

After a morning in the open air spent walking and climbing, when your stomach starts to grumble, how can you resist a good platter of cold cuts and local cheeses like this one? Especially when you are immersed in such an enchanting landscape!

At the Lodge the menu changes every day. Lunch is à la carte, while at dinner the rules are a little different, just like at home.

When sunset falls, even the scents of the kitchen become more intense. Finally, when the time is right, you’ll hear “everyone at the table, dinner is ready!”

I’ll tell you a secret: In the mountains you never get fat!

Come and visit us,
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The 15% discount for CAI members is also applied to meals whose bill exceeds €15 (for members who are 25 years old and younger, the discount is 25%).

33020 Prato Carnico, UD

Simone Gonano: +39 366 1745882

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