At the Fratelli de Gasperi Lodge…

… an authentic corner of Carnia is hiding where the world is as it should be.

You can find us above Pesariis, the Valley of Time in Friuli Venezia Giulia in Northern Italy. Up here, at an altitude of 1767 meters above sea level, time seems to have forgotten about us. Everything is as it has always been—and we love it!

The DeGa, for friends, is a refuge for body and mind, as well as a destination for delicious meals, wonderful walks in mountains, and a reference point for exciting climbs and equipped routes at high altitudes that wait to be explored.

Our biggest challenge? Convincing you to get off your sofa to visit us, because you can only get here on foot.

Strong legs, a backpack and a water bottle are all you need. We’ll take care of the rest!

Welcome Home!

This is Simone, a big man who seems to have just come out of the bare and raw rock of the Alps around him.

A true mountain man, Simone is a bit like his lodge—authentic and genuine. He is undeniably unique—after all, to reach DeGa you have to work hard! He loves his home and when he receives guests, he melts like ice in the sun—especially when it comes to kids!

A Special Climb

At the beginning of the trail you may happen to see your children running curiously towards some strange-shaped branch. Not to worry—this means they have spotted a “Sbilf”.

Since for our children the mountains have traditionally meant a lot of fatigue and stomach aches, Simone, a true wood craftsman, created a fun access to the de Gasperi Lodge.

Here and there you will notice curious, smiling, and amazed faces along the way, and when you see your children making their way with a smile and a lot of energy you will understand that you have come to a truly magical forest.

From 6pm on…

… the atmosphere changes.

From this moment the de De Gasperi Lodge reveals its deepest soul. Because “refuge”, here at high altitude, means only one thing—home.

At DeGa we all sit at the table for dinner, with a good wine to accompany our exquisite dishes of genuine cuisine using local and seasonal products.

And after a chat and a full stomach, the grappa hour arrives quickly, and we can all have a toast together.

But be careful: the local grappa is so good that you risk losing count!

The Perfect Backpack

When you prepare your backpack, remember your sleeping bag, a sweatshirt and the most important thing: your greatest desire.

That is because when night falls in the mountains there is nothing more beautiful than abandoning your dreams to the Milky Way and being shipwrecked with them in a sea of stars. Here, far from the city lights, the de Gasperi lodge seems to be wrapped in a thick mantle of constellations animated by the small enchanted trails that only the purest skies can offer.

The magic continues when you go to sleep in one of our comfortable beds!

Don’t forget to pack your slippers because in our refuge shoes remain under the stairs. We care about your rest and we want you to wake up with the scent of coffee, not socks!

A Thousand Activities

A point of reference for climbing, hiking and equipped routes enthusiasts, the DeGa is surrounded by wonderful mountains that offer alternatives within everyone’s reach, up to seasoned experts, as well as beautiful and fun climbs which are yet to be discovered. A mountain to be explored!

De Gasperi has always served as the destination of the historic Mountaineering Course of the CAI Section of Tolmezzo, and we are working on some great new initiatives, such as new Yoga and Tai Chi Chuan courses that you will hear more about soon.

In addition, here you will find a fantastic recreational park complete with a bowling green, slackline on which to practice body-mind balance, table football, as well as lots of books to read. We also have a tent, musical instruments for those who want to strum, and a quiet room with electricity and 4G coverage which is perfect for working remotely.

There is certainly no shortage of things to do, but be aware that here it is also allowed to stay belly up all day if you want to. You can choose whether to spread out on the grass, on our comfortable deck chairs or on our fantastic red hammock.

Concerts at High Altitude

After an exciting experience in the heart of the mountain, you can treat yourself to some well-deserved relaxation from our Clap Terrace …

Speaking of which, the surprises don’t end there! At an altitude of 1767 meters above sea level, at de Gasperi Lodge, it is our local musicians who animate the afternoons and evenings during the summer.

We boast a rich calendar of events featuring local artists who enhance this land through their repertoires ranging from original songs to the sweet notes of popular classics.

If you like playing, you can join in, there is always a courtesy guitar available!

Don’t be shy, our grappas will bring out the Pavarotti in you that you normally only become in the shower!

A Refuge for Body and Mind Since 1925

In the last two thousand years, our mountains have seen so many different peoples pass through. Starting with the Celtic tribe of the Carni, from which we take our name, we have hosted the Ancient Romans, the Lombards, the Patriarchate of Aquileia, the Republic of Venice, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the French, the Germans and even the Cossacks.

A multiethnic coming and going which both characterizes our border lands and strengthens our identity.

That’s why up here you will find only one typically Carnic thing—which is to say, everything.

In this small unspoiled corner, we have remained unchanged since 1925, which means you can experience our traditions through our language, music, crafts, customs, and even the fairy tales we grew up with, as well as the flavors of our cuisine.

460 000 000

years of our mountains’ history

How to reach us

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33020 Prato Carnico, UD

Simone Gonano: +39 366 1745882

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